Drivestone Ltd provide all roofing repairs and upgrades

Roofing Services

Drive-Stone provides a wide range of home maintenance roofing services to domestic & residential property owners.

From repairs, re-pointing & waterproofing to complete rebuild of pitched & flat roofs.

There are all sorts of things that lead to, or worsen damage to roofs

and roof insulation,

all of which can lead to severe problems if left untreated.

Tiles Replaced

Valley Repairs

Leadwork Repairs/Replacements

Gable Repairs

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Re-Pointing

We can assist with the planning, design, features (ie. adding roof windows), and finishing & Fascia Colours.

Our team of experts are here to ensure your home receives the very best experience & service.

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Roofing Tasks

Considering re-roofing? There often comes a time when it’s more cost effective to re-roof your property than to endure the continual problems year after year of worrying each time it rains or the wind blows in a certain direction. This is not only stressful, but continual maintenance can be very costly too.

Ridges and Verges are in constant need of attention!

You must make sure they are repaired and protecting your roof, they take huge beatings during the winter times and birds pick away at them during the summer. These new additions will provide support and protection to your roof and house.

Is your chimney is in need of repair?

We can help you stop it deteriorating further.. If left, eventually, the risk of the chimney falling will eventually damagie the roof (or  passers by).  Our inspections (and repairs) undertaken early enough will prevent larger, more expensive repairs.

Pointing refers to the exposed finish of mortar joints in facing brickwork.

For many years we have been developing effective solutions in these various skills with a common purpose and shared vision to enable us to achieve the sensitive restoration of our homes

We are specialists in repairing and replacing leadwork.

Lead surrounding your chimneys or where the brickwork and the extensions to your home meet, can over time show signs of wear and tear.  Often they can be areas where the rain water can leak into and so need to be examined for any signs of problems.

We remove any loose or damaged tiles, and replace with new (or matching tiles).

We secure any roof tiles and make sage wherever we can.

We also provide a dry roofing system upgrade service, which has many more advantages than the old systems.

A rain gutter's main purpose is to funnel water off the roof and away from the home. Too much water falling too close to your home can erode the soil around it, and compromise the home's foundations.

Additionally, rainwater dripping directly off your roof can potentially find its way into your home through doors and windows, especially if your roof doesn't have enough clearance. Rain gutters collect the water and direct it to the downspout, allowing it to flow harmlessly away.

We provide guttering in a range of styles and materials